Bring your brand’s zest for flavour to life with enticing and creative food photography that will get your customer salivating with anticipation.

Portrait of a chef EVA
Food photography green leaf meat mango
Assortment of Food Photography

We understand that a combination of elegant table setups, expert lighting techniques, and beautiful plating goes a long way in creating the perfect food photo for your business.

We can stage the food photo shoot at your place of business or restaurant- prepared by your professional chefs.
Or we can engage professional Toronto food stylists to prepare and plate your dishes,
we’ll make the food look as delicious as it tastes.
After all, we eat first with our eyes!

Does your business specialize in savory food?

Or Sweet?

packaged food photography

Shaken or Stirred?

From set design to styling to food prep- we do it all!

Contact us and let’s get those lip-smacking images.

Prices for food photography start from $500 +HST